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individual clients

Yellow Butterfly

Coaching for professionals 

Leading change starts with leading self. My Philosophy is about the integration of work and life, courageously designing the life you want, not the one others want you to live. As a result of our coaching together, you will have a clear compass and the energy to move forward to make big stuff happen. My clients have changed jobs, moved countries, created their own businesses, been promoted to senior executive positions, and found their sweet spot for both personal life and work. 

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Giraffe Profile
NOn-violent communication 

Leading from the heart 

Workshops and individual consultation sessions to help you integrate non-violent communication - or "giraffe talk" into daily life - at work and at home. Welcome compassion and empathy and let go of hurtful language.  

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gifted children & Adults

Learn about what makes gifted individuals different 

Workshops and individual consultation sessions to explore the way of being of gifted individuals. Come to better understanding and acceptance and find your own very best way to support them (or yourself) in their (your) ongoing development. 

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