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Hey, I'm Lise. 

Coaching skills propelled my career forward in record time. I still remember how our CEO looked at me and said: "You changed Lise. I can't quite put my finger on it. Did you get a haircut? Or new glasses?" (yes, this was before my eye surgery and I was still wearing glasses). And you guessed right. It was none of this. It was my coaching skills. 

I had enrolled in a coach training programme because I felt I was "banging my head against the wall". I believed in the change the CEO was trying to make, but I was lacking the skills to take my colleagues and the wider organisation on that journey with me. I felt frustrated. disillusioned. out of depth. out of steam. tired.  


Coaching skills helped me find my bounce back. Coaching skills are the foundation of effective leadership - at work and in life. If it were up to me, we would teach it in primary school like reading and writing! 

By joining our list, you'll receive nuggets of inspiration and nuggets of wisdom to help you pull through on the change you're leading. You're not alone! And yes, you've got this! I care about you. I care about your success. And I love to hear your story, too! Don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know your specific needs and share your moments of success! You can book a slot to talk to me directly by clicking here or email me:


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