School of Change

Why School of Change? 

The School of Change is the go-to programme for change makers. 

You develop the resilience, mindset and skills required to enact change that sticks. You care about SUSTAINABLE CHANGE and PROFOUND IMPACT.


You will hone your ability to work across various levels, focussing on yourself, others, and the broader system (your organisation, community, society, world).


We blend our experience in systemic change, organisational development and strategy with coaching to equip you with immediately actionable tools helping you stay at the forefront of change, leadership and org design. 


Our work is holistic and uses insights from agile ways of working (Scrum, Design Thinking, etc.), system dynamics, use of self, non-violent communication, metaphors, music, movement and implicit memory.

What's the link to Coaching?  

At the core of everything we teach is deep coaching competence.

Deep coaching connects closely to meaning and purpose. It unfolds in the space of uncertainty and possibilities and pushes you to be action-oriented and future-focussed.


We adhere to the stringent professional coaching standards and ethics of the International Coach Federation.

Our programme structure is aligned to the stringent requirements of the International Coaching Federation, so that School of Change graduates (all modules 1+2+3) can apply for ICF certified coach status upon completion of the programme.


Our goal is to be an officially accredited supplier of ACTP training by the International Coaching Federation in mid-2021.

Programme structure

The School of Change is structured in 3 modules that can be taken as a learning suite or on a stand-alone basis.

The first module, “Leading in Complexity” explores change through the lens of human systems dynamics, polarity management, complexity models and resilience.

The second module, “Systemic Change” dives into decision-making, team dynamics, systems dynamics, intercultural competence and innovation.

The third module, “Authentic Leadership” works at the individual level, enabling us to be human beings rather than human doings. We  look at adaptive leadership, neuroagility, values and needs with the aim to embody “Use of Self”, i.e. the ability to purposefully make use of one’s presence and personality as instrument for change.


Over 6 sessions, we will look at the following questions drawing on insights from organisational design, organisational development, leadership and coaching: 

  • How to navigate the complex

  • How to embrace tension  

  • How to communicate in ambiguity

  • How to be resilient to adversity

  • How to move from idea to action

  • How to adapt to the future 

You will hone your coaching skills by focussing on ICF Core Competencies of Co-Creating the Relationship and Communicating Effectively. 


More details coming soon...


More details coming soon...

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