School of change 

Effectively leading and managing change in today's increasingly complex and unpredictable world is a tough ask. 

When we started out on ambitious corporate change management journeys over a decade ago, we realised the power of coaching skills. As managers and leaders, coaching skills increased our effectiveness and propelled our careers forward.  

At the same time, experienced coaches are keen to learn more about the bread and butter of leaders: handling organisational dynamics and complexity in large corporate settings, leadership, strategy and future of work. 


This is where the School of Change comes in. Designed with the best insights from adult learning for both leaders and experienced coaches, we seek to bridge the gap between both worlds. 

Join a community of managers and experienced coaches keen to deepen their coaching skills to a new level for even more impact. The Lab is a "learning group" rather than a course and engages you in monthly reflective practice and group supervision. The Lab comes with several levels of membership - Bronze, Silver, and Gold for added individual supervision or coaching.   

Hone your ability to effectively lead & manage change in an increasingly unpredictable and complex world. This Lab is more "theory" and equips you with immediately actionable theory, tools and frameworks to stay at the forefront of change and leadership. The Lab comes with several levels of membership: Bronze, Silver, and Gold for added individual supervision or coaching.   

Are you a PCC or MCC coach approaching renewal of your certification with the ICF?


Book our renewal bundle: Coaching Lab (Silver) + Change Lab (Bronze) =  44 CCEUS and 4 sessions of Mentor Coaching / Supervision.