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hello change-maker!

Now, more than ever, the world needs curious and courageous individuals to confidently lead through uncertainty and complexity toward a more inclusive and sustainable world.

We empower leaders and coaches with the resilience and tools to solve today's complex problems.

Do you have big dreams for yourself and the world?

We help you get there.

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Hey, I'm Lise, Founder of ProFound Consulting. 

Coaching skills propelled my career forward in record time. I still remember how our CEO looked at me and said: "You changed Lise. I can't quite put my finger on it. Did you get a haircut? Or new glasses?" (yes, this was before my eye surgery and I was still wearing glasses). And you guessed right. It was none of this. It was my coaching skills. 

I had enrolled in a coach training programme because I felt I was "banging my head against the wall". I believed in the change the CEO was trying to make, but I lacked the skills to take my colleagues and the wider organisation on that journey with me. I felt frustrated. Out of depth. Out of steam.   


Coaching skills helped me find my bounce back. Coaching skills are the foundation of effective leadership - at work and in life. If it were up to me, we would teach it in primary school like reading and writing! 

By joining our programmes, you'll learn about coaching and receive nuggets of inspiration and nuggets of wisdom to help you pull through on the change you're leading. You're not alone! And yes, you've got this! We care about you. We care about your success. And we'd love to hear your story, too! Don't hesitate to get in touch to let us know your specific needs and share your success stories! 


leader's track

icf-certiFIcation track 

Coach track

Leader's track

Coach Training L1 (6).png

Embark on a 2-month online learning journey to learn Coaching Core Competencies, as defined by the International Coaching Federation with weekly online modules and worksheets and weekly support from your 1:1 coach.  

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Embark on a 3-month online learning journey to discover our OLAx framework for Leading in Complexity with weekly online modules and worksheets and weekly support from your 1:1 coach.  

Coach Training L1 (7)_edited.jpg

Meet with Lise in Switzerland for What’s Next? Executive Coaching in Nature. Give yourself the time to pause, go deep, and take your impact to the next level.​ Includes follow-up sessions with Lise and ongoing support in between sessions. 



Core Coaching Skills
(ICF Level 1)

Develop Core Coaching Competencies and prepare for Associate Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation

Complex Adaptive Systems (ICF Level 2)

Learn how to work with Complex Adaptive Systems and prepare for Professional Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation.


Use of Self 
(pending ICF accreditation)

Deepen your awareness for effective "Use of Self" and prepare for Master Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation. 


Our monthly signature meeting for coaches and change practitioners. Meet various experts, learn new skills, and get quarterly group supervision

Supervision is a key part of your professional development as a coach. Uncover blind spots, discuss ethical dilemmas and practice self-care. 

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Mentor Coaching, review of session recordings, and access to our library of recordings at ACC, PCC, or MCC level for ICF Credentialing.  


Creative, passionate, and inclusive. I love how you ensure everyone feels their contribution matters. You go the extra mile, stretch us out of our comfort zones, and bring us closer together as a team. We will miss you!

Managing Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Lise’s coaching is thought-provoking and mind-tickling as she artfully applies and combines many coaching styles situationally. In sessions with her, I feel I started at one end of the rainbow with all my baggage, climbing over the arch, working hard exploring inwardly, and landing with so much more confidence, motivation and uplift on the other side that I am ready to tackle my next steps.

Beate Stumpe, Chief Marketing Officer

Lise combines a big heart with an exceptional ability to think. She has high-level business acumen and a down-to-earth sense of the human factor. In coaching situations she displays both sensitivity and powerful analysis. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.

Godfrey Spencer, NVC Expert

I worked with Lise as part of my coach training where she supervised both my individual coaching and group sessions. Lise has the rare combination of great professionalism and humanness which manifests itself in very empathic albeit demanding conversations that really make you grow. Can’t think of a better support when you start earning your own stripes as a coach.

Kathrin Höckel, Education Expert & Filmmaker

Travailler avec toi est pour moi une inspiration car j’apprends énormément de toi, je change le plus vite possible pour être constructif avec mon équipe et à l’écoute. Tu amènes aussi une vision critique que j’adore car tu l’apportes de façon posée et constructive…et tu challenges tout…j’en ai besoin et tu le fais de façon superbe.

Christophe Dossarps, CEO, Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation

Thanks to her personality, experience, and impressive expertise, Lise understood who I was incredibly quickly. She's quick and flexible in her thinking, very empathetic, and a reliable accountability partner. I took a big step forward in my career and personally. THANK YOU!

Sonja Schmid, Managing Director, Bernd Remmers Consultants

The coaching sessions with Lise have been my most valuable resource for my first year of C-Level responsibilities. She helped me structure my thoughts through a broad range of challenges, trust myself to go my own way, anticipate and thus be prepared to dissolve conflicts on the spot. I highly recommend her support.

CEO, Voith Composites

As someone new to the field of coaching, I’ve truly enjoyed my supervision sessions with Lise. She has a laser-focused presence and combines both challenge and reassurance, encouraging my self-belief.

Ecaterina Harling, Director Design and Transformation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


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