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We harness coaching skills to bridge the leadership gap so that people and organisations can lead effectively toward a more sustainable world.

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In love with development. 

Lise's entire career has been in development: working with countries, organisations, and people. As Economist and Banker, she helped countries and companies develop. Always on the quest for greater impact, she turned to organisational change, making processes leaner, encouraging innovation, fostering collaboration and agility. She wanted to break down silos so that successes in one sector or country could inspire ripple effects in others. As she immersed herself in change, complexity, and agility, she had two important insights: (1) all successful change rests on people; (2) coaching skills are the "magic key" to unlocking some of the most creative and effective solutions to the complex issues we face as humankind.


The people she works with may be experts on the “what” but are oftentimes lost as to the “how”. Lise created an ICF-accredited professional coach and change training to empower people with the mindset, skills, and tools to effect powerful change.

Lise is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and currently serves as the President of the UK Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, its largest local chapter worldwide. 



We love to support people working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. That's why we operate a radical financial inclusion policy with payment plans to suit all circumstances. 

Suresh Nanwani

Suresh is Professor in Practice at Durham University, UK and has a PhD degree in Organization Development. He has 30 years of international development experience and 12 years as educator with tertiary institutions worldwide. He interacts with stakeholders including management and staff, students, academia, government, civil society, and private society. He is a Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) Accredited Mediator and a coach.

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Mathilde Poirieux

Based in Hong Kong since 2010, Mathilde has a wealth of experience with cross-cultural teams, high potential development, and accelerated leadership skills programmes. Mathilde provides coaching and supervision to help people take a deep dive into their being, and shine from their strengths. She finds joy in nature, music, family time, and working with others. She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. 

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Elodie Fauchier Delavigne

Elodie coaches leaders in career transitions across the banking, luxury, aeronautic and medical industries. Thanks to her global career in Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong for top luxury groups like Shiseido, PUIG, and Estee Lauder she has a keen awareness of the complexity and competitive aspect of the corporate world, of managing multicultural teams, and of the impact of different company curlures and leadership stypes.  

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Ecaterina Harling

Ecaterina is a senior executive at a European development bank. Ecaterina’s passion is emerging technologies and exploring how it can be applied in an organisational context. She is passionate about aligning purpose, profit and planet. She supports individuals and organisations in achieving their maximum performance and helps them identify and fulfil personal goals.


Claire Mauduit

Claire is working in an international financial organization, collaborates with people across the globe and constantly experiences what multi-cultural means. In her leadership jobs in finance, she developed agility and flexibility when it comes to deal with an ever-changing environment in different styles of companies. Claire is passionate about people and well-being. As certified naturopath she is guiding people on health and practices yoga daily.

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Sebastian Kiefer

Sebastian is fascinated by the interactions between people and organisations. As organisational psychologist and HR Manager he worked for large and medium sized corporations. Currently Head of Organisational and Personnel Development for a world market leader in stainless steel recycling he trains and coaches people including top executives on a daily basis. 

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Gabriele Giordanengo

Gabriele is passionate about human dynamics, change, and interpersonal communication. He works as change management consultant and is an expert on the human and organisational dynamics arising during change and transformations. Given his multicultural background, he is very comfortable coaching people from different horizons and cultures. He is by nature empathetic and optimistic, keen on empowering others to reach their goals and unleash their inner potential.  

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Sophie Dané-Roullet

Sophie studied Literature and Management, worked as a Project Manager and is now teaching French Literature and Drama. She believes that the beauty and incredible power of nature mirrors the tremendous potential within each person. Her goal is to allow people to grow and continue to learn throughout life. Her main talent is to catalyse people's expression to help them embody their deepest desires. Certified in first degree of Enneagram (CEE).

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Beate stumpe

Beate has been supporting executives in building powerful higher performance, cross-cultural teams that deliver results and innovation. As a seasoned global marketing and sales executive of 20 years, Beate knows and understands first-hand the daily pressures, trade-offs and decisions corporate executives face as they operate within complex global matrix organisations. Her reality-based, deep global corporate experience and her proven coaching skills enable a dialogue full of authenticity.

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Corporate projects

We deliver large corporate projects jointly with our partners. 

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