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And her eyes lit up...

She was speaking about her manager. A life coach who knew nothing of her sector.

“When my manager joined, at first I was skeptical”, she said. “How could she lead me effectively, not knowing anything about IT?”.

There was a profound shift in role definition. Her manager’s role was not to micro-manage, but to get obstacles out of her way. To give her feedback on her qualities and strengths. To bolster her self-confidence. To help her come up with solutions, strategically harnessing the support from colleagues and stakeholders on the way.

It was a new world. And she loved it.

When I come across stories like these, it makes me happy. They are such a beautiful testament to why I created School of Change. Our coach training programme for leaders, helps people gain coaching skills for their day-to-day. While some of our alumni go on to become fully-fledged coaches, most people simply want to learn the skills – as one would learn a new language – to apply them to the way they engage with people at work and home.

If you want to learn more, browse our programmes here and get in touch for a chat here.

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